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Cal-Ann Farms
Living Herbs
Basehor, Kansas

Jeff and Pam Meyer and family of Cal-Ann Farms are fifth generation growers from Basehor, Kansas, who have deep roots in both their faith and heritage. Inspired by a visit to the modern farming exhibits at Disney’s Epcot, they settled on hydroponics to develop their heavenly herbs for Hen House. 

And we’re not talking just any herbs. Cal-Ann grows five varieties of just basil alone. Traditional sweet, lemon, lime, purple and Thai will give you culinary choices you never even knew you had; not to mention chives, dill, mint, oregano, poultry blend, rosemary, sage, savory, tarragon, thyme, watercress and wheatgrass. Whew! Create your own blend of these locally grown seasonings for each season. “We love growing fresh, year-round herbs for year-round cooks,” Pam tells us with a smile.

The best part of the basil is that it is grown all naturally with the roots intact, so you can take a little bit of Cal-Ann Farms home from Hen House and straight to your kitchen to bask in your own basil bounty. And that’s a beautiful thing!

Nutrition Fact: Basil is an excellent source of iron with high levels of Vitamins A and K.