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Twin County Country Farms
Produce, Jams, Beets, Pickles
Rich Hill, Missouri

Twin County Family Farms is a group of about 30 Old World Mennonite family farms just outside of Rich Hill, MO. Named for two counties in west central Missouri, Bates and Vernon County, Twin County Family Farms is located about 85 miles outside of Kansas City. Together this community grows a good deal of the Good Natured Family Farms vegetables and melons for your CSA bag.

From the seed to the ripened fruit or vegetable, this community of family farmers uses traditional farming methods that keep them close to the land. All farming is done by horsepower and all irrigation for crops is pumped from ponds and wells by wind power or gravity.

Wayne Mazelin is the lead farmer in the community. Each farm harvests their produce, washes and packs it in their on- farm packing houses and then transports it by horse drawn trailer down the road to the central distribution barn on Wayne’s Farm. Produce is picked up 3-5 times/week during the peak season and brought back to Kansas City for packing in your CSA bag or for sale at Hen House markets.