CSA Vendors

GNFF: John Miller Eggs
Lamar, MO

Good Natured Famly Farms egg producer, John Miler, raises free-range eggs on his farm in Lamar, MO.  John works the farm with his wife and daughters.  The happy hens on the Miller farm spend the cool mornings and evenings running outside, dust-bathing and foraging for insects.  Each egg is collected and washed by hand.  

Egg production and processing is regulated by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.  John Miller and his family adhere to strict regulations for food safety.


Free-Range Eggs
Free-range eggs are laid from hens that have the opportunity to go outside. Smaller farms may keep birds outside under a canopy area.  They may travel in and out of a barn at free will or spend some portion of their day roaming outdoors.  This means chickens are free to supplement their diet with bugs, grass and seeds, in turn increasing the benefical fatty acids in the eggs they produce. Happy hens = happy eggs. 


Cage-Free Eggs
Cage-free eggs are eggs from birds that are not raised in cages, but in floor systems usually in an open barn.  The hens have bedding materials such as pine shavings on the floor, and they are allowed perchesa nd nest boxes to lay their eggs. However, depending on the farm, they may still be at close quarters will many other hens - just not in cages.